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Urban Wilderness:

Exploring a Metropolitan Watershed


Published by the Center for American Places at Columbia College Chicago and distributed by the University of Chicago Press.


A river can be the lifeblood of a city, standing as a symbol of economic prosperity, harmony with nature, and communal life, and the Menomonee River is such an anchor for the Milwaukee area. In Urban Wilderness, Eddee Daniel guides us down the waterways of the Menomonee watershed and reveals how preserving urban rivers is key to modern day city life.


In rich color photographs and engaging text, Daniel explores the natural and cultural history of the Menomonee River. The development and rapid growth of Milwaukee as one of the leading cities in the Midwest is deeply intertwined with the river, and Daniel reveals the river’s moods and ecological conditions and its ill and strengths. The book charts the exemplary preservation efforts to rescue the river from pollution and neglect, ultimately showing how parks and nature preserves are crucial to the quality of life and economic success of a thriving city such as Milwaukee. A compelling in-depth chronicle, Urban Wilderness is an invaluable read for environmental scholars, urbanists, and everyday citizens who are concerned about the environment.

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