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Synecdoche (Volume 1)



the fragment that represents the whole (Volume 2)


Photographs by Eddee Daniel


The title, Synecdoche, is a literary device in which the part represents the whole. The photographs in this book are meant to be visual examples of synecdoche. My subjects are the complex, often paradoxical, relationships I see between nature and human civilization. My approach symbolizes the fragmentation we experience all around us.


I am interested in how we perceive nature and its relationship with human impacts upon the land. I focus on how we use natural features in manufactured landscapes to compensate for cultural alienation from nature. Alienation from the natural world creates psychological tension, whether conscious or not. We cope with this tension through symbols of nature: parks, lawns, trees, etc. In my view, these fragments do not simply represent nature; they are the parts that embody the whole.


Vol. 2 is a continuation of the same series, with the same conceptual basis. The images are newer and many are more refined and abstract than in the earlier volume.


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