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Hard Ecology:

Rethinking Nature in an Abstract Landscape


This book represents a new direction for me in terms of book design and its intended to be a complete work of art in itself, rather than a monograph of individual images.


“Hard Ecology: Rethinking Nature in an Abstract Landscape” is a Fine Art Book that establishes a narrative with no real beginning or end. Instead it poses a closed loop, a sequence of interrelated images, derived from an abstract landscape. The locations of the images are identified, but they are irrelevant. They range from the sublime to the banal, from the distant places to right next door. Individually, these photographs are metaphors. They are visual examples of synecdoche, the literary form in which the part represents the whole. They symbolize both the fragmentation we experience in our everyday environment and cultural strategies from reassimilating with nature. Collectively, they create visual and conceptual relationships that are meant to stimulate new understandings about the meaning of nature and our place within it.


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